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Junior Sous Chef, £40'000 + Perks, London

Star quality chef required for one of London's most exclusive Michelin dining venues. Our partner is looking for Junior Sous Chef to join their team. You must have the passion and enthusiasm that is a pre-requisite for a Michelin kitchen. If you have Michelin experience then fantastic, but it's not essential.

To be successful and gain the opportunity to work in this kitchen you must have a huge passion for food, understand flavours and have the ability to serve balance and exceptional plates of food. It's all about the cooking passion, desire for excellence and enthusiasm to grow and develop. The perks…

  • Michelin Star training.

  • 3 full days off per week (Including Sunday!).

  • Salary up to £40K.

  • Food development days and supplier visits.

  • Stunning staff food.

For more information or to apply for the role please send your cv to

We'd love to talk to you about all of the positions we have available. Please call us on 01603 957603 or email and we can schedule some time to grab a coffee.


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